Greek Yogurt Nutrition

Greek yogurt, also called strained yogurt, has gained immense popularity over the past several years and with good reason. Those searching for a snack packed with protein and nutrition are discovering what they need with this exotic take on regular yogurt. It is made by simply straining regular yogurt to create a thicker, tangier tasting yogurt.

Frozen yogurt recipe

Frozen Yogurt Recipes Easy and Delicious

Frozen yogurt is a recipe made with yogurt and sometimes other dairy product. It can be made with lowfat yogurt, regular, greek yogurt, and swiss or custard style. These desserts have less fat and sugar than ice cream. You can make your own frozen yogurt at home easily. There are many easy recipes found in cookbooks and online. You can add fruits like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, bananas and peaches for delicious taste. There are many delicious frozen yogurt recipes to try.

Raspberry,Blueberry or Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

How to Make Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is a popular dish throughout Europe, and yogurt dishes are used in many feasts. In fact, there are symbolic foods related to the celebrations of Holy days that are served with yogurt. Bread, pastries, and cookies are some of the most exciting, creative items that can accompany yogurt for many special occasions. The task of making yogurt has been a labor of love passed from generation to generation in Greek. It nourishes the body, soothes uneasiness in the stomach and revives the mood.

Benefits of Greek yogurt

Why You Should Be Eating Greek Yogurt?

Everyone knows that yogurt is good for you, but Greek yogurt is like super yogurt. It starts out as the same "regular" yogurt, but gets strained several times so that excess water, sugar, and lactose get removed. Essentially, this is concentrated yogurt. That means in every spoonful you get more necessary nutrients and less undesirable extras.

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